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Live album "Passenger"
Released: April 17th 2013

01. All My Friends (Lindi Ortega cover)
02. April
03. Passenger
04. Little Lie (Lindi Ortega cover)
05. Thanks For All
06. Little Boy In The Window
07. Reaching Out
08. Those Empty Eyes
09. This Is The Life (Amy MacDonald cover)
10. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
11. Bluebird (Lindi Ortega cover)

CD single "Little Boy In The Window"
Released: May 22nd 2011

01. Little Boy In The Window
02. Untied
03. Emotional Pinball

EP "Embrace Me"
Released: March 14th 2010

01. Little Boy In The Window (EP version)
02. Dirty Little Fly
03. Embrace Me
04. Lose Control

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